Transfer corrosive gas into acid solution by absorption 

Gases such as HCl gas are dissolved in water in many chemical processes, particularly to store it, purify it or simply to use it in chemical reactions.
This operation is called absorption which is an exothermic process.

There are two HCl absorption processes depending on the HCl concentration in the feed gas: falling film absorber and adiabatic absorption.


Product information

  • Graphilor® 3 heat exchanger 
  • Graphilor® 3 or Armylor® columns
  • Instrumentation
  • Piping and valves
  • Option: skid-package
  • * Capacity range : 2 to 500 t/d on 100% HCl basis
  • Performance : 99,8%  absorption rate

Customer Benefit

  • Exceptional lifetime on the Graphilor® 3
  • Fast delivery and commissioning
  • Performance
  • Process know-how
  • Compact system