Isostatic graphite solutions for continuous casting

Isostatic graphite dies and crucibles for continuous casting of copper alloy, precious metals and cast iron

Isostatic graphite produced by Mersen is well adapted for continuous casting dies and crucibles due to its unique physical characteristics:

  • Capable of withstanding molten metal températures: graphite sublimates at 3,650°C at atmospheric pressure.
  • High thermal conductivity: the heat extraction is key to transform the metal from a liquid to a solid state.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for dimensional stability 

Graphite components are critical to the process and allow the metal processing to be monitored continuously from the liquid state to the solid state, while forming semi-finished products (wires, bars, tubes, strips, etc.).

Solutions for:

  • Grey and ductile iron
  • Brass (Cu-Zn)
  • Bronze
  • Phosphorus bronze
  • Maillechort (Cu-Zn-Ni) - Nickel silver
  • Nickel-copper
  • Red copper, Phosphorus deoxidized copper
  • Aluminium
  • Silver, Gold
  • Precious metal alloys