Sintaclor burner

Sintaclor burner mersen

SINTACLOR process technology

Production of ultra pure HCl by synthesis of Cl2 and H2 for chlor alkali

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  • > 600 units installed worldwide since 1960
  • 9 million t HCl (100%) / year (accumulated contract awards of Cl2 burners)
  • Mainly used with Cl2 and H2 coming from Chlorine Engineers Corp., THYSSENKRUPP UHDE, UHDENORA, ASAHI KASEI, INEOS, …

Production of ultra pure HBr by synthesis of Br2 and H2 for bromine industry

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Eco & Flex 3rd generation

2017 new innovation

  • Boost heat recovery to recover 800KWH per ton of burned chlorine
  • Lower water consumption: reduce the cooling water consumption by 65%
  • Select your end-products: 1-Hydrochloric acid (HCl liquid), 2-Hydrogen Chloride (HCl gas), 3- Both at the same
  • Full range production capacity: perfect integration in your plant with a 5% turn-down ratio

Sintaclor burner, product information

  • Capacity range: 2 to 180 t/d on 100% HCl basis
  • Turn-down ratio: 5% (of nameplate capacity)
  • Product acid concentration: up to 38% w/w
  • Free Cl2 in product: < 1 ppm * H2 excess in combustion : typically 3-7%

Pluggable Add-Ons to existing Sintaclor (automate your Sintaclor, on-line combustion diagnostic, boost your HCl concentration)

Sintaclor burner, customer benefit

SINTACLOR is the weapon of choice to obtain ultra pure HCl (< 1ppm free Cl2)

Membranes for electrolysers require ultra pure HCl to maintain the lifetime of the membrane.
Ultra pure HCl is need for Brine dechlorination (to remove free chlorine from the brine) and Brine treatment (for a final acidification of the brine before entering the electrolyser).

Best available design with regards to safety and environment