Corrosion resistant materials

Advanced Materials to resist highly corrosive applications

Graphilor®, the ultimate mechanical and corrosion resistant graphite :

Graphilor®’s use of ultra-fine grain isostatic graphite, is a unique material for the chemical industry, with the highest mechanical resistance and temperature resistance (up to 430°C) and 3 different impregnation types (Phenolic Resin XBS, Carbon XC and PTFE XTH)

Silicon Carbide Heat Exchangers, offering “universal corrosion resistance”

This material is suitable for extremely corrosive chemical compounds. • Mersen Boostec® has mastered the key production steps from the SiC powder through to the final heat exchanger blocks

Tantalum, the most suitable reactive metal for strong acids

Tantalum process equipment is the preferred corrosion resistant solution, to handle highly corrosive acids up to 250 Deg. C

An alternative cost-effective tantalum cladding technology solution to existing cladding technologies
With this process, a thin layer of tantalum is brazed onto the entire surface of a carbon steel base plate. Equipment manufactured from  CL-Clad® material combines the mechanical resistance of the carbon steel base material with the exceptional corrosion resistance of tantalum

Armylor® PTFE lined fittings, piping and columns, with special expertise in large diameters

Seamless construction : diameters up to DN1600. Welded construction : any diameter is possible. Available materials : PTFE, TFM or PFA

Isostatic Graphite Graphilor®3

Graphilor®3 Mersen

Isostatic Graphite Graphilor®3

Mersen offers a range of 3 Graphilor® 3, based on various impregnations (phenolic, carbon and PTFE) which ensure the imperviousness, the resistance to corrosion and temperature as well as the long-term stability.

Reactive metals - CL-Clad®

CL-Clad tantalum Mersen

Reactive metals - CL-Clad®

Mersen has developed a specific know-how in the treatment, design and manufacture of corrosion resistant equipment from reactive metals (tantalum and titanium).

PTFE - PFA - Armylor®

PTFE PFA piping Mersen

PTFE - PFA - Armylor®

Mersen masters all PTFE manufacturing processes like paste extrusion process, isostatic molding and PFA transfer molding.

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