PTFE lined columns and PTFE lined vessels

Armylor® PTFE lined columns or PTFE lined vessels

Armylor® PTFE loose lined columns or vessels combine the corrosion resistance of PTFE and the safety of the seamless lining process together with the mechanical resistance of the steel or stainless steel shell.

The PTFE lined vessels and columns are specially designed to comply with high temperature and they resist corrosive processes, such as HCl stripping, defluorination of H3PO4, HF and H2SO4 dilution, HF processing, etc…


Armylor® PTFE lined columns : customer benefits

  • Armylor® is a heavy duty, seamless PTFE lining
  • Wide range of corrosion resistance (resistant to all known chemicals with the exception of alkaline metals and fluorine at high temperature)
  • Dual protection design for extreme corrosion process : PFA coating together with PTFE liner
  • Vacuum resistance with graphite sleeves
  • Thermal shock resistance

Product information:

  • Resistant to temperature range from -50°C to +230°C
  • PTFE lined piping thickness: 4mm standard and up to 10mm for heavy duty
  • Seamless liners up to 64" / DN1600mm and welded liners over 64" / DN1600mm
  • Maximum pressure: up to 10 bars
  • Option: vacuum resistance system to withstand partial vacuum
  • Option: dual protection design (ECTFE or PFA + PTFE)
  • Option: lining with modified PTFE to limit permeation


PFA and PTFE Double Lining System

In order to limit the impact of permeation through the thick PTFE liner, Mersen offers as an option a thick (400 to 500 µm) PFA coating that protects the inner surface of the steel shell against corrosion.

Diffusion through the extruded seamless thick PTFE liner (6 to 8 mm depending on the diameter) up to 1600 mm of diameter occurs because of the halide concentration gradient (between the interior and the exterior of the column) and is aggravated by the pressure difference (between the interior and the exterior of the column) and the temperature within the PTFE liner.

The proper insulation of the column, fitted with PTFE venting tubes, as well as the thick PFA coating on the entire steel shell inner surface can substantially extend the column lifetime and reduce maintenance costs. The venting tubes can be connected to a vacuum pump to prevent the thick PTFE liner from collapsing in case of vacuum.