Power slip rings for industrial asynchronous wound motors

Slip rings for asynchronous wound motors

In the large industries, there are a lot of electrical motors with a large range of rings set assembly designs. From some kW to 6MW power, Mersen offers a large range of slip ring assembly for asynchronous wound motors. Rings set damage requires refurbishment and Mersen offer you this possibility as well.

Main characteristics our slip ring includes

  • Moulded or machined rings capability
  • Selected materials (non-ferrous alloys, stainless steel, copper alloys)
  • With or without helical grooves
  • Customized designs (3 phase design with grounding ring integrated possible)
  • Finished product compliance (balance, dielectric testing).
  • Up to 460mm diameter
  • From 220V to 3000VAC
  • Insulation class H/F