Tools and measuring devices

Preventive and curative maintenance

Mersen offers a wide range of tools and measuring devices for the preventive and curative maintenance of your collectors and slip rings.

A wide range of tools

  • Grinding stones and accessories
  • Portable mica undercutter
  • Dynamometers
  • Stroboscopes
  • Alarm boxes
  • Roughness measuring device
  • Scrapers and slotting files.

Collectors & slip rings tools and measuring devices

CL-Profiler, the solution for commutator and slip ring profiles 

ComPro2000™, non-contact high speed diagnostic tool to quickly and easily determine the health of your motor's commutator 

Commutation indicator, the solution to accurately measure the spark intensity on DC electrical machines by using a UV detector

SJ210M Roughness meter, a simple and efficient tool to test the roughness of your commutators and slip rings