Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach on sustainability

Mersen technologies and products are central to the developments that drive progress in industry and society.

Cognizant that continually improving its social and environmental footprint requires permanent measurement, assessment and analysis, the Group has established a cross-business CSR policy for all its employees and adapted to all levels of the organization.

Mersen Corporate Social Responsibility

Our governance for sustainability

Mersen has established a solid governance structure with regards to sustainable development. This organization is anchored at the highest level as well as in its operations.

1. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors regularly reviews the Group’s exposure to social and environmental risks and its performance.

2. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is proposing the Group CSR strategy for implementation with the assistance of specialized committees:

  • EHS Committee: It oversees all environmental, health and safety actions within the Group.

  • Compliance Committee : It supports the Compliance officer, validates the actions and ensures their proper deployment

  • CSR Committee: It makes clear the formalization of the CSR policy, monitors the implementation of the action plans. It oversees the CSR regulatory and practices changes.


Mersen culture of sustainability

Our culture of sustainability

The Group’s CSR culture is rooted in its values and is the result of decades of Mersen’s commitment to ethical and responsible development – at a time when questions of CSR were neither regulated nor prized by companies.

The Group has always placed its Human Capital at the heart of its business, demonstrating a clear desire for each employee make the most of their expertise and reach their full potential and for each country where the Group is active to grow is business while still respecting the local culture by drawing on the strength of the Group’s fundamentals in human resources, health and safety and ethics.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policies


The Group formalized its environment commitment with a policy signed by the Executive Committee. 

Health and Safety

Regarding Health and Safety, we are convinced that all accidents can be avoided and that each risk can be anticipated. The Group formalized its commitment to excellence in Health and Safey. 

Our commitments for sustainability



Ecological footprint
of our products

Develop innovative products that contribute to the ecological transition

Ecological footprint
of our facilities

Reduce the environmental impact of our industrial sites by recycling and recovering waste

CSR footprint
of suppliers

Improve and secure the social and environmental performance of our supplier base

Health and safety
of our employees

Develop and consolidate a culture of health and safety within the Group

Our human capital

Develop and retain our expertise through an organization that promotes collective intelligence

logo UN Global Comptact

Our Global Compact support

Since 2009, Mersen has been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, thus declaring its commitment to respect and endorse the 10 universally recognized principles of human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

This is a major commitment to the respect of human rights and labor standards, the protection of the environment and the fight against corruption.

2018 Annual Report: an Ambitious CSR Approach

2018 Annual Report: an Ambitious CSR Approach mersen

2018 Annual Report: an Ambitious CSR Approach

Our strong and controlled development is proof of Mersen’s commitment to corporate social responsibility from day one, of a commitment we have continued to honor over the years and that is now shared by all our employees. 

2018 Reference Document

2018 Reference Document mersen

2018 Reference Document

As a major player operating around the world in multiple industrial sectors, Mersen has chosen to conduct its business according to an ambitious responsible development approach.

SRI Presentation - Socially Responsible Investment

SRI Presentation - Socially Responsible Investment Mersen

SRI Presentation - Socially Responsible Investment

Mersen presents its ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) strategy to investors.

Mersen awarded a bronze medal for its first CSR EcoVadis assessment

bronze medal for its first CSR EcoVadis assessment for Mersen

Mersen awarded a bronze medal for its first CSR EcoVadis assessment

Mersen has been awarded a Bronze medal for its first CSR EcoVadis assessment of CSR commitments.

This rewards the Group’s efforts in terms of business ethics, respect for environment and human resources, human rights, and purchasing practices.

Mersen, Creating Value