Carbon brushes for signal & power transmission

Graphite brushes for current and signal transmission: pitch motors, annealers, galvanic lines, motor driven cable reels...

Mersen offers a wide range of metal graphite brushes for current and signal transmission.

Power transmission groups applications of Mersen's carbon brushes where a current shall be passed between two elements in rotation with respect to each other: annealers, electrolytic treatment lines, Ward Leonard groups, etc.

Metal-graphite grades are prepared from purified natural graphite and metal powders (copper, silver…); then they are pressed and baked to bring them to the required solidity and cohesion levels.

Mersen also supplies carbon brushes for transmitting signals, such as data collection from a production line, command signals for a robot or the windmill pitch motor, etc.

Signal & power transmission carbon brushes

Main features

  • Selected materials
  • Specific machined or pressed to size designs
  • High quality tamping
  • Good mechanical stability
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Low friction coefficient
  • High transient current density
  • Wide speed range (0 to 40m/s)

Signal & power transmission: applications

  • Wind mills (pitch motors, yaw motors)
  • Metallurgy (annealers, electrolytic treatment lines, finishers)
  • Packaging
  • Elevators
  • Fairground rides
  • Ships (pods)
  • Machine tools
  • Blowers and fans
  • Extractors
  • Water treatment
  • Military (radars, tank gun turrets...)
  • ...