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Worldwide heat exchanger leader with solution-oriented approach

For decades, Mersen has designed and manufactured a comprehensive portfolio of heat exchangers using various technologies (blocs, tubes) and the materials (graphite, SiC, tantalum, zirconium, titanium). These heat exchangers can be installed as condensers, heaters, coolers...in the corrosive chemical processes..

Thermal design experience to define your project requirements

Mersen has been recognized as an expert in thermal and mechanical design for all types of heat exchangers (condenser, evaporator, boiler…) with proven design tools allowing the most thermally efficient calculations : ASPEN B-JAC, X-Designer, In-house programs..

Highly skilled and experienced Engineering Department

With more than 450 mechanical designs completed each year, our highly experienced Engineering Staff provides drawing and mechanical design support using various software tools to produce the calculations required by the current pressure vessel design codes (ASME, EN 13445, CODAP, AD 2000 Merckblatt) and ANSYS for the specific Finite Element Analysis.

Worldwide production sites and local service centres

We can also provide support for all the products we deliver throughout their life cycle and offer a broad range of services. After-sales service can be carried out at our Mersen sites or directly on the customer's site :

  • Maintenance and spare parts supply, including repair and refurbishment services
  • Immediate emergency assistance & Start-up services 
  • Process lines check-up and diagnosis

POLYTUBE Graphite shell and tube heat exchangers

Polytube Graphite shell and tubes heat exchanger Mersen

POLYTUBE Graphite shell and tube heat exchangers

POLYTUBE - Graphite shell and tube
With more than 50-years of experience and with our exclusive 6-meter jointless graphite tubes, Mersen is the N°1 worldwide producer of graphite tubes whose highest mechanical resistance was awarded by TÜV SUD.

Polybloc heat exchangers

Graphilor bloc Mersen

Polybloc heat exchangers

POLYBLOC - Cylindrical Graphite block heat exchangers
With more than 10,000 units in service in almost 50 countries, the graphite Polybloc Heat Exchanger combines large heat transfer areas with modular design.

Cubic heat exchangers

Hykarb Cubic graphite heat exchanger Mersen

Cubic heat exchangers

CUBIC Graphite block heat exchanger
Graphite Cubic Block Heat Exchangers are manufactured using corrosion resistant impregnated graphite and are suitable for most corrosive applications.

Tantalum heat exchangers

Tantalum bayonet exchangers Mersen

Tantalum heat exchangers

or niobium heat exchangers
Mersen produces tantalum or niobium heat exchangers in its dedicated workshop in Germany. Mersen Linsengericht, the home of tantalum, is deemed to be the worldwide leader for the manufacture of tantalum and niobium equipment.

SiC heat exchangers

Silicon Carbide - SiC - heat exchanger - Mersen

SiC heat exchangers

SiC POLYBLOC- silicon carbide block heat exchangers
The POLYBLOC Silicon Carbide Block Heat Exchangers provide “universal corrosion resistance” being suitable for highly aggressive chemical compounds.

Titanium shell and tube heat exchangers

Zirconium heat exchanger Mersen

Titanium shell and tube heat exchangers

and zirconium or nickel alloys shell and tube heat exchangers



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