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Mersen High-Performance Carbon Insulation Solutions for High Temperature Furnaces

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Running temperature, heating and cooling cycles, process durations, chemical reactions and operator experience will impact the selection of the right insulation.

The unique manufacturing process used to product Mersen insulation ensures that the fibre structure is positioned at 90 degrees to the thermal source thus providing the market leading product for low thermal conductivity requirements

Grafshield™ GRI™ insulation Mersen
Grafshield™ GRI™: The Robust

Process industries parts require vacuum heat treatment to withstand high heat and stress in actual operation. Grafshield™ GRI™ insulation by Mersen provides customers with optimal solutions to achieve superior energy efficiency, long product life, cost effectiveness, and temperature uniformity.

Calcarb® LF7 Mersen
Calcarb® LF7: The Versatile

Calcarb® LF7 insultation is made from Long Fibre carbonised rayon precursor. Calcarb® LF7 provides solution for the heat treatment of advanced materials for high-tech industries, power generation and aerospace.
This material has been designed for high temperature induction and resistance furnaces to operate in inert gas or vacuum atmosphere.

Calcarb® Soft Felt Mersen
Calcarb® Soft Felt: Easy & Agile

Calcarb® Soft Felt is an insulation made form carbonised rayon precursor and designed for high temperature induction and resistance furnaces to operate in inert gas or vacuum atmosphere. Its soft texture allows for easy bending around corners or a radius.

Calcarb® CBCF insulation Mersen
Calcarb® CBCF: The Original. Outstanding

Calcarb® CBCF is a short fibre insulation originating from rayon. Calcarb® CBCF insulation solutions are used in semiconductors, photovoltaics, crystal growth, optical fibre, aviation and space industries as well as traditional heat treatment markets.

Calcarb® [Hybrid] Mersen
Calcarb® [Hybrid]: The Solution Provider

Calcarb® [Hybrid] by Mersen, a new solution to answer to critical high temperature applications and thermal stress. [Hybrid] combines the least thermally conductive of all carbon material types, suppressing the physical transfer of energy.

Calcarb® EDGE Mersen
Calcarb® EDGE: The Ultra-Performer

The increased reliability, higher operating temperature, increased efficiency, reduced size, higher voltage capabilities of SiC make it highly desirable in the electric vehicle and renewable energy industries. Mersen has developed Calcarb® EDGE, a specific insulation material with an exceptional low thermal conductivity.

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