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Materiality Matrix

Materiality Matrix

Mersen uses a materiality analysis to define its sustainable development priorities.

In 2021, the Group updated this analysis based on qualitative interviews with internal and external stakeholders by evaluating the risks that weigh on Mersen and the risks that Mersen weighs on its stakeholders. The analysis also allowed us to identify the issues whose importance will increase the most over time.

Risks are expressed as challenges, a concept spanning both risks in the strict sense and opportunities. In the matrix below, risks are presented at their face value, i.e., without taking into account measures taken by Mersen to address them.
The matrix was not changed in 2022.


The dark gray area is for high-risk challenges, i.e., those perceived as being material or strategic both internally and for external stakeholders.

The light gray area groups together opportunities, i.e., challenges perceived as material or strategic for external stakeholders, but as moderate internally.

The blue line at the top indicates the perception of the greater materiality of the challenge for external stakeholders.

Download the list of challenges and their description.