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Ethics and compliance

Luc Themelin Mersen Chief Executive Officer

Mersen’s development is driven by shared and mutual trust in all its stakeholders, be they employees, customers, suppliers, banks or shareholders. The Code of Ethics restates our commitment as a group and as individuals to instilling and building on this confidence.

Luc Themelin
Chief Executive Officer

A dedicated organization

Since 2017, Mersen has set up a dedicated function to develop and coordinate its Ethics and Compliance policy. This new role reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

Its role is also to develop the Ethics and Compliance culture and to ensure that its decisions can be properly implemented, with support from the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

A report on the work carried out is submitted to the Audit and Accounts Committee at least once a year.

The internal audit department is also involved in monitoring the implementation of and compliance with the Group’s Ethics and Compliance policies.

Charles-Henri Vollet, VP, Group Risks, Audit & Compliance

Each Mersen employee in all of our subsidiaries must demonstrate exemplary behavior and not do anything that is contrary to the rules of conduct defined in the Anti-Corruption Code and the Code of Ethics.

Charles-Henri Vollet
VP, Group Risks, Audit & Compliance

References and training

The Group has formalised the commitments to be made and implemented in the Mersen codes and policies. These documents are supported by communication and training plans to ensure that these rules are fully understood by all and therefore fully effective.


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Code of Ethics
Mersen Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct
Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct
Human Rights Policy

Whistleblowing system

A whistleblowing hotline is available, allowing any individual who wants to report an issue to the Group to do so safely and anonymously.

Two channels can be used to report issues:

Pursuant to the personal data protection regulations applicable in the European Union, any person identified as part of a whistleblowing procedure, whether the informant or the person suspected of wrongdoing, has the right to access their personal data.

Whistleblowing System Procedure