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Ethics and compliance

Luc Themelin Mersen Chief Executive Officer

Mersen’s development is driven by shared and mutual trust in all its stakeholders, be they employees, customers, suppliers, banks or shareholders. The Code of Ethics restates our commitment as a group and as individuals to instilling and building on this confidence.

Luc Themelin
Chief Executive Officer


The Code of Ethics was updated in 2017. It sets out the economic, environmental and human principles championed and respected by the Group. It applies to all employees, in all countries.
In 2018, Mersen also strengthened its whistleblowing and anti-corruption procedures.

Human Rights

As a leading company operating in many countries around the world, Mersen is committed to acting in a responsible manner.
Mersen has formalized in its human rights policy all of its commitments relating to ethics, children's rights and the prevention of slavery, work conditions and equal opportunities.


Mersen has put in place a comprehensive anti-corruption program, based on the recommendations issued by the French Anti-Corruption Agency (Agence Française Anticorruption).

  • Updated in 2020, the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct presents the rules to be implemented and respected in order to combat corruption at all levels and in all countries where Mersen is present. It also contains a practical guide with best practices to implement.
  • Mersen also introduced a due diligence procedure for new third parties, relying on external international databases.

All employees are required to participate in training sessions organized by the Group to raise their awareness of ethics and compliance issues.

Anti-trust compliance

In order to meet its commitments in terms of anti-trust compliance, Mersen has introduced training sessions, streamlined procedures and specific internal communication campaigns targeting high-risk populations.

Whistleblowing system

Any employee, person or third party can easily access one of the Group's whistleblowing systems to report any suspected violation of the Code of Ethics or Group rules. 
Reports can be made confidentially via the website
Reports received via the dedicated online form are processed centrally by the Ethics Committee, providing increased security for the whistleblower and a procedure that ensures the protection of personal data.

Internal staff can also use the email address ethics@mersen.com.

A structured approach

In 2017, Mersen created a dedicated function to develop and coordinate its Ethics and Compliance policy. This new department reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

In particular, its scope covers:

  • anti-corruption (third-party relationships, commissions paid to non-Mersen vendors, gifts, donations and patronage),
  • trade and export restrictions (export controls, trade sanctions and embargoes),
  • potential conflicts of interest,
  • protection of sensitive data,
  • development of an ethics culture and integrity,
  • preventing illegal work, harassment, protecting whistleblowers, and labor law violations, in conjunction with the Human Resources Department.

Its role is also to develop the Ethics and Compliance culture and to ensure that its decisions can be properly implemented, with support from the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

The internal audit department is also involved in monitoring the implementation of and compliance with the Group’s Ethics and Compliance policies.
A report on the work carried out is submitted to the Audit and Accounts Committee at least once a year.

Philippe Belgram Mersen Chief Compliance Officer

Each Mersen employee in all of our subsidiaries must demonstrate exemplary behavior and not do anything that is contrary to the rules of conduct defined in the Anti-Corruption Code and the Code of Ethics.

Philippe Belgram
Chief Compliance Officer


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Code of Ethics
Mersen Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct
Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct
Human Rights Policy

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