Ethics and Compliance

Mersen’s development is driven by shared and mutual trust with all its stakeholders, be they employees, customers, suppliers, banks or shareholders.

This is reflected through values and ethics that are shared by all its employees and applied responsibly, on a daily basis as, all levels from site management and human resources relations to financial transparency, anti-corruption and, of course, an ambitious sustainable development policy.

Corporate social responsibility compliance Mersen

A dedicated organization

To develop and coordinate its ethics and compliance policy effectively, in 2017 Mersen set up an Ethics & Compliance function that reports to General Management.

The new function is tasked with

  • identifying and assessing any risks of non-compliance with laws or regulations which would damage the image, culture or financial stability of the Group,
  • implementing appropriate procedures and processes to minimize such risks,
  • informing and raising the awareness of Group employees of the main risks; and
  • managing the “ethics hotline”.

Its scope covers in particular:

  • the prevention of corruption (relations with third parties, vendor commissions outside Mersen, gifts, donations and patronage),
  • export and trade restrictions (export restrictions, trade sanctions and embargoes),
  • potential conflicts of interest,
  • protection of sensitive data, and
  • the fostering integrity and an ethical culture.

The Ethics & Compliance function also works with the Human Resources Department to prevent illicit work and harassment, protect whistle blowers and ensure compliance with labor laws.

It also supports the development of the Group’s ethics culture and dedicated tools, and ensures the implementation of decisions and is assisted by the Ethics & Compliance Committee.

A report on the work of the Ethics & Compliance Committee is done to the Audit and Accounts Committee at least once a year.

Code of Ethics

Mersen code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics restates the collective and individual commitment of Mersen and its employees to establish and build on mutual trust both within the Group and with all our stakeholders. It applies to all Mersen employees, irrespective of their country or position.

Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct

Mersen Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct

Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct

The Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct presents the rules to be implemented and respected in order to combat corruption at all levels and in all countries where Mersen is present.