Responsible partner

Expertise and innovation in the service of sustainable development

More than 56% of Mersen’s sales are linked to sustainable development markets.

The Group proposes innovative, effective, competitive and efficient solutions, which all contribute in some way to the fight against global warming.

Mersen operates in a range of cutting-edge sectors, including renewable energies, energy efficiency, semiconductors or clean transportation, and invests in research into new solutions for the green industry and markets.

Its solutions contribute to new progress in photovoltaic solar energy and the manufacture of wind turbine generators. It is also involved in manufacturing process of more compact and efficient semiconductors, and helps to improve the performance and reliability of the equipment and infrastructure used in new forms of urban mass transit and electric vehicles.

Share of sales in sustainable development markets



in 2018



in 2019



in 2023

Contribution to reducing the impact of industrial activities at our customers’ sites

Reduced energy and water consumption

The new generation of Eco&Flex Synthesis Unit for the production of liquid HCl limits our customers’ consumption by:

  • 1,785 t CO2 per year
  • Water flow by 80 cu.m. per hour
  • 100 MW per year

Reduced energy consumption

The semiconductor manufacturing process involves very high temperatures (2400°C). The very high insulating power of Mersen’s insulation felt allows our customers to reduce their energy consumption by 15% compared with a standard product. If all players in the sector were to equip themselves with Mersen insulation felt, the savings could represent :

  • 25 GWh per an

Reduced material consumption

Mersen has designed a product based on the PEP (Product Environmental Profi le) process. It helps define the areas offering scope to minimize the product’s environmental impact. The new Modulostar fuse holder will allow the following estimated savings, based on the current production:

  • 22 t of copper per year

Paying attention to the social and environmental practices of our suppliers

Mersen’s purchasing charter for a sustainable supply chain formalizes its relationships with suppliers and sets the standard for virtuous collaboration.

It encourages the implementation of best practices – including social and environmental practices – and is accompanied by a CSR questionnaire with a detailed self-assessment grid.

It is available in five languages (English, German, Chinese, Spanish and French).

Vigilance on conflict minerals

Mersen is committed to responsible sourcing and does not intend to fuel armed conflict through its purchasing practices or those of its suppliers. The Group ensures that its suppliers and their own suppliers are in compliance with European regulations on minerals from conflict zones and equivalent US legislation (section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act).

Third party control

The Group has also implemented a procedure to evaluate the risk of corruption by third parties, including suppliers.


Purchasing charter for a sustainable supply chain