Intern story: Industry Immersion at Mersen Pagny-sur-Moselle


Apolline, Engineer Student at ENSGSI School tells us about her internship at Pagny-sur-Moselle

What are you studying ?

I’m completing my second pre-university year in science, starting the ENSGSI School in Nancy in September. At the end of these 2 years of pre-university, we have to do a one-month internship in a plant and I decided to join Mersen in Pagny-sur-Moselle in France in the production area.

Can you describe your missions?

I joined the “blocks” sector which produces graphite blocks. These blocks are heat exchangers components. I had two missions during this month: one, rather logistical, was to follow the progress of the graphite block manufacturing and the second was to check their completion.

How was your integration?

I was very quickly incorporated into to the team of supervisors and operators in the Blocks sector. I was a bit nervous about working only with men, but everybody was very kind and welcoming.

Would you recommend Mersen to other friends in your class?

Yes! The industrial world is a great experience for me. Collaboration between the services is fine. I didn’t feel any stereotypes from supervisors and operators about the place of women in the industry. Employees in general were even surprised to meet a woman willing to work in an industrial environment and they were happy that attitudes were evolving. Two women engineers are currently working at Mersen Pagny-sur-Moselle. This is positive. Out of 13-female students in my class, 50% did their internship like me in the industry which is a good start! I wish that we will all stay and have a successful career in the industrial sector.