Oil and gas

Mersen provides oil & gas drilling companies and their associated maintenance and repair specialists with specific electrical, mechanical, sealing and process equipment solutions.


Designed for a variety of applications, these solutions are well adapted to extreme operating conditions both on land and at sea:

  • exploration
  • extraction
  • refining
  • distribution
  • storage


Drill bits

Mersen supplies a very extensive range of (several thousand) graphite components for sintering cutting inserts on drill heads.
These small molds are used to sinter the polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and tungsten carbide plates of cutting tools that are used in vast quantities on drill heads.


Our anticorrosion equipment and process systems are widely used in the oil & gas industry.

HCl Process Technologies

Mersen designs and manufactures HCl burner systems used in hydraulic fracking for shale gas.
HCl is also used in oil drilling. PTFE lined pipes can also be provided.

Power Transfer

Mersen proposes a wide range of products dedicated to the oil & gas industry for the motors and generators of drawworks, cranes, pumps, rotary tables and main power engines:

Electrical protection

Mersen offers a complete line of fuses, heat sinks, bus bars and accessories for personal and equipment protection.