Mersen’s range of solutions ensure safe and continuous wind power generation, both on- and off-shore.


Power generation

We offer tailored products for wind turbine OEMs:

  • Carbon brushes with our premium-grades, CG626, CG677, CG48, MC837 and others for wind turbine generators
  • Slip rings and brush rocker assemblies designed to meet the operational requirements of wind generators
  • Lightning protection carbon brushes, brush-holders and slip-rings

Power distribution and electrical protection

Our solutions protect frequency converters, turbines, controls, etc.

Power conversion and grid connection

Increase in efficiency for wind power systems: 

  • Fuses
  • Bus bars
  • Heat sinks

Signal transfer system

The Signal Transfer System is part of the electrical wind turbine pitch drive system. We propose comprehensive and modular solutions for wind turbine OEMs and operators for greater flexibility. 

  • Slip ring segments
  • Wire systems 
  • Contact properties
  • Housings 
  • Mounting

Tower base

Electrical protection

Mersen manages overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

  • Fuses
  • Power distribution blocks
  • Switches

Services and maintenance


Windtracker is a specific service dedicated to the optimization and performance of wind energy. Our Windtracker experts provide on-site diagnostics and repair services to wind farm O&M teams. 
Mersen field engineers also help train personnel in maintaining a safe environment for power generation.

Retrofit solutions

We have developed a complete retrofit solution for Hitachi wind turbine generators to resolve client application problems:

  • Carbon brushes
  • Brush-holders
  • Slip ring assemblies