Ski Lifts

Ski lift motors demand specific components able to withstand severe weather conditions on mountain tops.


Mersen’s solutions keep the DC motor driving your ski lift in impeccable condition, resisting:

  • Cold temperatures
  • Very dry atmospheres
  • Variable load

We have the solution you need, regardless of your electric motor configuration!

Mersen’s technology is designed to minimize maintenance and downtime by reducing:

  • Brush wear
  • Commutator scoring

Additional services our team of experts can you assist you with include:

  • Commutation trouble-shooting (carbon brushes / commutator)
  • Commutator grinding and machining with maintenance tools
  • Installing grounding devices

Motor Maintenance Services

  • Expertises and technical support
  • In situ grinding and machining
  • Dedicated training
  • Maintenance tools and measuring devices


Mersen Maintenance Services for ski lift