Mersen provides iron, steel and aluminum factories with high-quality engineered solutions tailored to different conditions: temperature, hygrometry, dust, corrosive atmosphere, underloaded and overloaded machines, etc.

Metal industry equipment

We develop products, solutions and services dedicated to the proper functioning of metal industry equipment for rolling applications (cold rolling mill, hot rolling mill, plate mill, bar mill), electrolytic tinning, galvanizing and pickling lines, cranes, etc.

Power transfer

Mersen’s power transfer equipment is adapted to the harshest operating conditions and includes:

  • Carbon brushes that are widely used by major OEMs in motors, generators and treatment lines for the metallurgy industry
  • Brush-holders that are designed to ensure excellent brush performance in difficult conditions
  • Collector shoes for material handling
  • Slip ring assemblies for all types of machines


Service and maintenance

We provide maintenance and training services for customers.

  • Our maintenance tools are designed and developed for optimal maintenance
  • Our service experts provide on-site diagnostics and in-situ maintenance services for all rotary machines
  • Our Stagelec and Extelec training programs help maintenance personnel develop their working knowledge of the machines they operate and their performance


Anticorrosion process equipment

Columns for coke oven gas treatment: removal of benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) which requires scrubbing titanium columns.

For carbon steel pickling lines, Mersen supplies graphite or tantalum heat exchangers. For stainless steel pickling lines, Mersen has developed a unique PTFE impregnated graphite HE (XTH grade) that boasts an unmatched resistance to corrosion.

With 60 years' experience in designing heat exchangers for pickling baths, Mersen can offer you the best solution: PTFE impregnated Graphite heat exchangers impregnated with PTFE core for stainless steel, or graphite or tantalum heat exchangers for carbon steel. With more than 1000 exchangers in operation, Mersen is your specialist. 

Graphite Specialties Solutions

Graphite for continuous casting has unique physical characteristics:

  • high thermal conductivity
  • self-lubrication properties
  • exceptional resistance to wear
  • excellent mechanical strength
  • low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)

Mersen assists iron, steel, aluminium, precious metal factories in finding the right graphite grade for their application.


Metallurgy is more and more concerned with the safety of workers and equipment, achieving optimal power efficiency and avoiding downtime where possible. The protection of critical loads and asset management are also key concerns.

Our portfolio includes: