Rubber, Tire, plastic

Today’s Rubber, Tire and Plastics industries operate under specific conditions with exposure to hot temperatures, constant or variable speed, humidity, dust, environment, etc.

Rubber, tire & plastic industry equipment

Mersen develops products, equipment and services dedicated to the proper functioning of Rubber & Plastic equipment for raw material preparation, mixing, extrusion, injection and finishing.

Power transfer

Mersen proposes electrical solutions adapted to this demanding industry:

  • Carbon brushes that are widely used by major OEMs in motors and generators for the Rubber, Tire & Plastics industries.
  • Brush-holders that are designed to ensure excellent brush performance in difficult conditions
  • Signal and Power Transfer Systems SPTS for transfers between static and rotating parts
  • Slip ring assemblies for all types of machines


Service and maintenance

We provide maintenance and training services for customers.

  • Our maintenance tools are designed and developed for optimal maintenance
  • Our service experts provide on-site diagnostics and in-situ maintenance services for all rotary machines
  • Our Stagelec and Extelec training programs help maintenance personnel develop their working knowledge of the machines they operate and their performance 

Electrical Power Solutions

Today’s Rubber, Tire and Plastics industries are more and more concerned with the safety of workers and equipment, achieving optimal power efficiency and avoiding downtime where possible. The protection of critical loads and asset management are also key concerns.

Mersen has it all — from overcurrent protection to surge protection, cooling and interconnection solutions — meeting the needs of Rubber, Tire and Plastics industry market players in power distribution or power conversion alike.