Space Optics

Optical instruments for space exploration require precise and stable parts that can withstand drastic changes in temperature.

Our expertise in sintered silicon carbide (Boostec® SiC) is a pioneer technology, enabling us to contribute to exploration of the Universe.

Boostec® SiC

Reaching the highly demanding requirements lead the engineers to design mechanically and thermally ultra-stable space optics.

Offering both high specific stiffness and high thermal stability, Boostec® SiC appears to be a material of choice, even unavoidable for some space telescopes.

Among our successes

  • Herschel, Gaia and Euclid missions on Universe Sciences
  • Sentinel-2 and Aeolus ESA missions for Earth Observations
  • Nirspec large spectrograph for Nasa James Webb Space Observatory
  • A wide range of Korsch telescopes for Earth Observation at export
  • ESO extremely large telescope: the reference structure of its M4 Adaptive Optic and also its fast tip/tilt M5 Folding Mirror

Ground-based observatories

Ground-based observatories benefit from the same remarkable properties of Boostec® SiC, in particular for their mirrors or their adaptive optics.