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Industrial fuse design at Mersen Fusetech in Hungary

Fuse product lines: Fusetech joins the Mersen fold in Hungary

May 2022

Integrating a high-performance site to strengthen Mersen’s manufacturing efficiency on Europe’s electric fuse market

man working at Industrial fuse manufacturing workshop at Mersen Fusetech in Hungary

Strengthening Mersen's industrial efficiency

Already a 50% owner of Fusetech, since 2007, Mersen bought out the Hager group’s shares in 2021.

The objective is to fully integrate this fuse specialist into the Group's business to strengthen Mersen's industrial efficiency.

The Hungarian plant in Kaposvar currently employs approximately 300 people.

focus on hand manufacturing industrial fuses at Mersen Fusetech in Hungary

Accelerate growth in the European market

This €4 million investment gave the Group a particularly efficient 6,000-square-meter site for the production of future product lines meeting European standards (IEC) at competitive costs.

Fusetech is an excellent industrial base for fuse production developed with Mersen’s partner Hager Group.  

This is an important step for Mersen in its plan to build and optimize its fuse product lines in Europe.


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