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Mersen Columbia plant extruded graphite

The new industrial site in Columbia (USA-Tennessee)

Jun 2021

Technological prowess and promise

One site, three skills

In the United States, Mersen has been remodeling a former industrial site since 2019 to match its industrial requirements and pursue its development in specialty markets. 

Ultimately, Mersen's capabilities in Columbia will cover:

- production capacities for extruded graphite
- Insulation felt manufacturing capabilities
- Isostatic graphite manufacturing capabilities

Eric Guajioty Mersen

The site was of interest to us because it was equipped not only with an extrusion press, but also with an isostatic press and several very high temperature furnaces. For us, that meant the chance to expand our isostatic graphite manufacturing capabilities in a modular fashion at a reduced cost, and to have a specialty extruded graphite manufacturing capability that we did not previously have in-house.

Eric Guajioty
Vice-President, Advanced Materials
Mersen team at Columbia plant, USA

A center of excellence for high-growth markets

Columbia is a multi-activity center of excellence that strengthens our industrial capabilities ready for the ramp-up of several high-growth markets like solar power and electronics.

The acquisition is a technological adventure, but also a human one, since the site’s former director has been recruited . As Columbia’s living memory, he will train a new generation of specialists, because you can’t become an “extruder” overnight! Ensuring the continuity of this know-how is essential for us to produce quality materials capable of meeting today’s industrial challenges.

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