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Future Mersen plant in Cheonan, South Korea

Semiconductors: in South Korea, Mersen moves and expands

Jun 2022

A new site to meet the needs of the booming semiconductor market

Semiconductor wafer

Increasing our production capacity

With a 20% market share in Korea in the semiconductor sector and the rapid growth of this market in Southeast Asia, Mersen has to adapt to better meet its customers' needs. 

The site, which specializes in the production of ion implantation electrodes and silicon pulling furnace equipment for the semiconductor market, will start operations in the second half of 2022 in its new Cheonan plant.

Construction work in Cheonan, South Korea

An improved management of environmental issues

The new facility will eventually grow from 75 to 110 employees and increase the Group's production capacity for Southeast Asia - with a projected increase in sales of nearly 75% over five years.

The plant will also ensure better management of environmental issues.


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