EV: Mersen to form part of a SiC semiconductor supply chain network

Paris, July 19, 2021 – Mersen, a global expert in electrical power and advanced materials, has announced its participation in Transform, a consortium whose goal is to develop a European supply chain network for the manufacture of silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors for the electric vehicle market.

As an expert in high-performance materials – including silicon carbide – Mersen will be lending its expertise to the consortium with the aim of improving SiC technologies and developing silicon carbide substrates for higher-performing and ever more powerful semiconductors.

Silicon carbide power electronics are much more energy-efficient than those based on the current generation of silicon-based semiconductors. Transform will provide European market players with a reliable source of SiC components and systems from a wholly European value chain covering needs ranging from substrates to energy converters.

Subsidized by the European Union, the Transform project is led by German group Bosch. Its aim is to improve the current SiC technologies in order to serve the major emerging power conversion markets in the fields of renewable energy, mobility and industry, while strengthening Europe’s competitive position. The French leg of the network is being financed through Bpifrance’s PSPC future investment competitiveness program.

Within the project value chain, Mersen is providing its expertise in the “Materials and substrates” segment headed up by Soitec.

Luc Themelin, Chief Executive Officer of Mersen, commented: “Mersen’s participation in this strategic project for the electric vehicle market puts the Group at the cutting edge of research efforts and underlines our ability to address major technological and manufacturing challenges.



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Mersen to form part of a new European SiC semiconductor supply chain network