Inside Mersen: Saint Bonnet de Mure's Test Lab

The Group’s culture of innovation stems from its close relationships with customers and clear understanding of the challenges they face, and its constant monitoring of the latest in cutting edge technology.

Mersen Saint Bonnet de Mure is part of our Electrical Power segment offering a range of solutions and service designed to perform the following functions:

  • Equipment and people protection (industrial fuses, surge protection devices)
  • Power conversion: change the nature, voltage, intensity or frequency of the current (cooling devices, laminated bus bars, capacitors and high-speed fuses)

Test Lab

To support our customers in new development projects or electrical machines diagnostics, Mersen offers a large range of test benches and material analysis equipment.

In partnership with our customers, and according to their specifications and required test conditions, we can adapt existing test benches or develop new test benches to perform a wide range of tests.


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