Mersen Boostec lifts off with Euclid mission

Ten years ago, Mersen Boostec was selected by AIRBUS to manufacture the optics and structures of the Euclid mission's payload in Boostec® Silicon Carbide (SiC).

European Space Agency (ESA)’s cosmological mission Euclid lifted off on 1 July 2023 from Cape Canaveral in Florida (USA). The satellite's main telescope and its two instruments (NISP, VIS) use the All-SiC technology.

Silicon carbide is used on account of its high level of rigidity, its low expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity. It provides exceptional thermomechanical stability.

ESA's Euclid mission is designed to better understand dark matter and dark energy by mapping gravitational effects and accurately measuring the acceleration of the universe.



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