Mersen France Amiens ISO EN9100 certified

Mersen France Amiens site is now ISO EN9100 certified.

Specific to the aeronautical sector, EN 9100 (EN 9110, EN 9120) certification is based on ISO 9001. Mersen Amiens site has successfully been certified for the design, manufacturing, marketing and sale of brushes, brush-holders and graphite plates (impregnated or not) for the aeronautics, space and the defence markets. 

Mersen supplies to the aeronautics leaders complex technical components that are capable of withstanding extreme environments and meeting highly demanding and strict industry safety standards. 

This certification proves the quality and conformity of processes implemented in our Amiens site whose products (carbon brushes, brush-holders and pantograph strips) and solutions (motors services) are dedicated to the sectors of energy, transportation and process industries.

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