Mersen publishes its CSR roadmap

In March, Mersen unveiled its new Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap for 2022-2025.

Now, the Group has also published its first roadmap report, providing concrete details of its CSR commitment and targets for 2025.

The report sets out our ambitions and attests to the actions we take or will take on a daily basis, underpinned by the following four pillars:

  • Always cultivating an ethics and regulatory compliance culture;
  • Being responsible partners, everywhere we operate;
  • Limiting our environmental footprint as much as possible;
  • Enthusiastically developing our human capital.

The report also aims to encourage our employees to always strive to better control the social and environmental impact of our activities. Because together, we have the power to act!

Find out more about our Corporate Social Responsibility policy in our dedicated pages.


Download our CSR Roadmap


Download the documents:

Mersen committed to sustainability - CSR Roadmap