Mersen’s magazine: Energy to innovate

Throughout its history, Mersen has been a trailblazer when it has come to optimizing the most complex industrial processes and making them reliable and secure.

In this second edition, you will find what has been the spirit and expertise of Mersen since its origins.

In the air

  • What’s new today and for tomorrow? A complete summary on solar energy, a key market for the Group.
  • A brief history and outlook for this market, which could account for 20% of the world's electricity production by 2050;
  • A focus on Mersen's solutions throughout the value chain;
  • A testimonial from one of China's leading single-crystal manufacturers on its strategic partnership with Mersen...

Back to the future

  • A look back to technical and social innovations that have revolutionized their times such as yesterday’s or today’s electrical equipment, fuses, batteries and storage systems.
  • And the Group’s organizational and social innovations that made Mersen a forerunner.

Inside Mersen

  • A focus on the new CSR roadmap with new objectives to further reduce our social and environmental impact.


But also, an interview with our CEO, Luc Themelin, testimonials, and the essentials of 2021!


Enjoy your reading!


batteries with solar panel on the cover of Mersen magazine





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2022 Mersen Magazine: Energy to innovate #2