Semiconductors: growth potential for Mersen

Semiconductor market: major profitable growth potential for Mersen

  • €85 million in sales to the semiconductor market in 2021, potentially rising to €140 million -€170 million by 2025 and an EBITDA margin of 25% to 30%
  • €8 million-€12 million in annual capex to support growth (excluding SmartSIC)
  • Strategic partnership with Soitec could increase total sales to the semiconductor market to €230 million-€280 million in 2030


Paris, December 7, 2021 – Mersen (Euronext FR0000039620 – MRN), a global expert in electrical specialties and advanced materials, is holding a virtual “Chip-Chat” today at 3:30 p.m. CET to present its strategy in the semiconductor market.

During the briefing, Mersen will explain how it is deploying its unique expertise in materials and insulating felts to tackle some of the technical challenges inherent in manufacturing silicon- and silicon carbide-based semiconductors. The Group will also expand upon the strategic partnership announced with Soitec on November 30 to develop a new family of polycrystalline silicon carbide (poly-SiC) substrates for electric vehicle power electronics.

Mersen expects sales in the semiconductor market to reach €140-170 million in 2025 and €230 million‑€280 million in 2030, depending on the success of Soitec’s SmartSICTM technology, with an EBITDA margin between 25% and 30% in this market. To support Mersen’s future growth in the market, the Group has committed to capital expenditure of around €8 million-€12 million annually, in addition to any investments that may be necessary under the Soitec partnership.

Luc Themelin, Chief Executive Officer of Mersen, said: “Mersen has set out an ambitious strategy in the semiconductor market to meet accelerating needs around the world. Not only is this market driving growth, but it also offers huge spillover benefits for our Electrical Power segment in energy storage and electric vehicle applications. With our global footprint, unmatched expertise and close relationships with clients in the industry, Mersen is positioned to grow significantly and profitably in the semiconductor market over the next five to eight years.”

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Mersen is a global expert in electrical specialties and advanced materials for high-tech industries. With more than 50 industrial sites and 16 R&D centers in 35 countries around the world, Mersen develops custom-built solutions and delivers key products for clients in order to meet the new technological challenges shaping tomorrow’s world. For over 130 years, Mersen has focused tirelessly on innovation to accompany its clients and meet their needs. Be it in wind power, solar power, electronics, electric vehicles, aeronautics, space or countless other sectors, wherever technology is progressing, you will always find a bit of Mersen.


Virtual event on December 7, 2021 at 3:30 pm: “Chip-chat: An Hour With Mersen On Its Semiconductor Strategy”. Register here



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Semiconductor market: major profitable growth potential for Mersen
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