Board of Directors

Olivier Legrain, Chairman - Independent member

Olivier Legrain began his career with Rhône-Poulenc, where he held executive positions in various business units. He then joined Lafarge as a member of its executive committee, in charge of specialty materials and strategy. He later became Chairman of Materis, after organizing its exit from the Lafarge group.

Isabelle Azemard, Representative of Bpifrance Investissement

Isabelle Azemard spent her career in the Thales Group, including 20 years in sales and marketing management positions, primarily at the international level. Since 2013, she has been a consultant to business executives.

Pierre Creusy, Representing employees

Pierre Creusy joined Mersen in 1986. He held positions in production engineering and subsequently in product management before joining Mersen’s Corporate Finance. He took on business responsibilities in Asia in 1999 and is now Director of Strategic Projects and Integrated Business Planning in the Electrical Power segment.

Michel Crochon, Independent member

Michel Crochon has spent the majority of his career at Schneider Electric, where he held various industrial, commercial and development-related positions, in Europe and Asia. During his 12 years as a member of the group's executive committee, he headed up several business units. In his most recent position, he was in charge of corporate strategy and technology.

Carolle Foissaud, Independent member

Carolle Foissaud has spent the bulk of her career with the Areva Group, primarily in operational positions within the Connectors, Fuel, Reactors and Cleanup units. She had been Chairman and CEO of Areva TA and Director of the Propulsion and Research Reactors Business Division until beginning of 2017. She has been Chief Executive Officer of the Industry segment at Bouygues Energies & Services since September 1, 2017.

Magali Joëssel, Permanent Representative of Bpifrance Investissement

Magali Joëssel began her career with the Inspectorate General of Finance at the French Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs, before being named General Interest Investment Manager with Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. She joined Bpifrance in mid-2013 and currently holds the position of Strategy Manager. Since September 2014, Magali Joëssel has been in charge of the Industrial Project Companies fund.

Ulrike Steinhorst, Independent member

Ulrike Steinhorst began her career in France at the Ministry of European Affairs. She joined EDF’s International Division in 1990 before joining the Degussa group in 1999. She held several positions there, in Germany and in France, where she directed Degussa’s French subsidiary. In 2007, she moved to EADS as Chief of Staff to the CEO. In 2012, she joined the Research Directorate of the Airbus Group, where she became Head of Strategy, Planning and Finance.

Denis Thiery, Independent member

Denis Thiery was Chief Financial Officer for several companies (Wang France 1984-1991, Moorings 1991-1997, Neopost 1998-2007) then Chief Executive Officer of Neopost from 2007 to 2018. He has been Chairman of Neopost’s Board of Directors since 2018

Board of Directors’s committees

  • Audit and Accounts Committee

Chairman: Denis Thiery
Members: Michel Crochon, Carolle Foissaud, Magali Joëssel

  • Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Chairman: Ulrike Steinhorst
Members: Isabelle Azemard, Pierre Creusy, Olivier Legrain, Denis Thiery