Mersen Group history

The Era of Expansion

In the early 1980s, the Carbone Lorraine company decided to redefine itself. The idea was to move away from the most common products and to specialize in high-tech manufacturing.

At the same time, the R&D department began closely collaborating with customers in order to offer customized products. This was a significant transformation that still shapes Mersen’s identity.

Mersen from 1985 to 2009


1985 Ferraz is acquired.
1988 Pechiney moves above the 50% ownership mark. The industrial seal business is transferred to Carbone Lorraine
1991 Stackpole's (United States) electrical and high temperature applications assets are acquired.
1996 Pechiney exits the share capital.
1998 Unit specialized in cooling systems is set up.
1999 Gould-Shawmut group's electrical protection division is acquired.
2005 First solar and wind energy-related sales are recorded.
2005 The Magnets division for automobile applications is sold.
2006 Positions are strengthened in power electronics through the acquisition of R-Theta.
2007 Chongqing plant, the Group's first manufacturing facility in China, is inaugurated.
2008 Xianda and Mingrong Electrical Protection (MEP), the Group's first acquisitions in China, are purchased.
2008 The rail and motorcycle braking business is divested.
2008 Calcarb, the world n°2 in rigid carbon felts is bought.
2009 The brushes for automobile and household electrical appliances division is sold.