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Oct 2021

In all four corners of the world, Mersen relies on both internal and external experts to grow the industrial fabric and take innovation further.

Mersen Open experts

Open expert, an internal network

Since their creation in 2018, the Open Experts have occupied a special place at the core of the Mersen ecosystem.

There are 30 of them today, chosen internally for their strategic technical knowledge and their ability to share it with others.

Their work is structured around three areas (“Apply”, “Do” and “Sell”), fostering knowledge sharing within the Group and the development of team skills

Mersen plant in Scotland

Successful university collaboration

Mersen’s Holytown team and teams from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland have been working hand in hand to develop electrochemical materials for energy storage applications.

The project was conducted within the framework of a company-university partnership aimed at bringing promising innovations to market more quickly.

It has reaped several prestigious awards and enabled Mersen to strengthen its competitive position in a growing market.  

Declan Bryans, Mersen

Our partnership grew out of a meeting with Mersen at a forum. We talked technology, and one thing leading to another, I came up with a proposal on how to improve the performance of Mersen felt grades for energy storage applications. We worked for two years within the framework of a skills transfer arrangement, with the clear technical and commercial objective of significantly improving the product approach to enable the Group to stand out from the competition. It was this operational dimension that guided us. By matching our research with the needs of Mersen’s industrial customers, we were able to significantly improve the performance of the felt while remaining perfectly competitive.

Declan Bryans
Senior Research & Development Engineer

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