Two solar power plants to be installed at Mersen

Legendre Energie to install two self-consumption solar power plants for the Mersen group.

Mersen, the global expert in electrical power and advanced materials, has selected Legendre Énergie to install two solar PV power plants at one of its industrial sites located in Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure, 30 kilometers south of the French city of Lyon. The two self-supply plants, which will produce energy for consumption on site, will have a combined capacity of 716 kWc and are due to be commissioned in spring 2021. 

Supplied by Legendre Énergie, the two solar PV plants will cover 22% of the energy needs of Mersen's Lyon site.

With nearly 350 employees, the Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure industrial park is Mersen's biggest site in France and will soon also be home to its own ground-mounted solar PV power plant with a capacity of 218 kWc, currently under construction by the teams at Legendre Énergie, who will equip the site's car park with five solar PV shades. With a combined capacity of 498 kWc, the shades will be coupled to eight charging stations for electric vehicles – also to be installed by Legendre Énergie – for use by Mersen employees.

Fitted with close to 1,940 PV modules, the two PV plants will produce 866 Mwh per year, i.e., enough to cover the electricity consumption of 335 homes (excluding heating) or 22% of the site's energy needs.  

Installing the two solar PV power plants is part of Mersen's ambitious sustainable development strategy

Committed to corporate social responsibility from day one, Mersen has always set itself ambitious targets for improvement by developing innovative products that contribute to the energy transition, increasing waste recycling or improving and securing the environmental and social performance of its supplier base. 

Investing in the two self-supply solar power plants to be provided by Legendre Énergie allows the Group to press ahead with this commitment whilst at the same time reducing its energy bill and dependence on the grid. 

Legendre Énergie, specializing in self-supply solar projects

Producing energy locally and from renewable sources has always been the focus of Legendre Énergie, which specializes in solar self-supply solutions. As part of its service, Legendre Énergie analyzes the project, designs the installation, carries out the work and commissions the solar PV plant. It can also act as energy supplier, helping customers to preserve their cash position by financing installations and selling locally-produced, green energy at a lower cost. An expert in solar PV projects for over 10 years, Legendre Énergie is a leading provider with solid technical, legal and financial know-how for its customers. The company has installed more than 600 solar PV projects in France. 

Location of the solar power projects – Mersen – Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure (France). Photo credit: Legendre Énergie




Founded in 2007, Legendre Énergie is present throughout France and internationally, focusing on two activities: Production of Renewable Energies (Armorgreen) and Facilities Management and Maintenance (Ener24). The company provides expertise at all stages of a project, from development, technical engineering and design, realization and installation, and maintenance to financial engineering and facilities management. It has 50 employees and has fitted over 600 installations to date.

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A major player in the construction industry along France's western coast and the Paris region, the Legendre group serves customers nationwide and abroad in its three main markets: Construction, Real Estate and Energy. 
A family-owned company based in Rennes with more than 2,000 employees and €750 million in revenue, Legendre focuses on geographical areas in which it can apply its know-how and demonstrate its added value. 
Delivering sustained growth from day one, Legendre has consistently maintained the proximity and independence that comes from being a family-owned group founded on the strong values of rigor, professionalism, engagement and integrity that are shared by its employees and are the cornerstones for a new vision of the construction industry.

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A global expert in electrical power and advanced materials, Mersen designs innovative solutions to address its clients’ specific needs to enable them to optimize their manufacturing performance in sectors such as energy, electronics, transportation, chemicals & pharmaceuticals and process industries.
Mersen, with its 6,800 employees working across 35 countries, recorded sales of €950 million in 2019.



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Two solar PV power plants to be installed at Mersen